Bullet Journal For Travel: Getting Started Guide

A Bullet Journal is a way to track the past, organize the present, and plan for the future. It’s also super trendy, as you can tell by looking through some of the BEAUTIFUL posts tagged with #BulletJournal or #BuJo on Instagram.

What Is A Bullet Journal?
Bullet Journal (or BuJo for short) is a physical notebook, but it’s also a methodology for organizing your life. Here’s a brief overview of how it works:

Basically, a Bullet Journal is organized around topics, and each topic contains bullets paired with short-form notations.

Bullets can either be Tasks (represented by a dot ‘•’), Events (represented by a circle ‘O’), or Notes (represented by a dash ‘-’).

Each topic page gets a page number, and as you fill up your Bullet Journal, you create an Index to keep track which topics are on which pages.

It sounds simple, but it allows people to create some amazingly beautiful journals that are basically works of art:

Plan Your Next Trip
When planning for an upcoming trip, you can use your Bullet Journal to keep track of destinations, routes to take, possible detours, travel and hotel reservation information, dates, sites to see, inspirational quotes, and much more. Even if you’re not an artist, you can print out a map of the US like Kara (aka Boho Berry) has done, and use that as the starting point for your route planning:

Or just keep things simple, and make a list of places you want to visit, like this list of coffee shops in Portland from Jennifer Reyes:

Make Sure You Pack Everything
Of course no travel journal is complete without a packing checklist, and if you’re creative with how you put yours together, you can reference it for each new trip, and see what you might need to add, or make note of what you can leave behind next time:

Keep A Travel Log
If your next trip has multiple stops along the way, plan out your route, and then make it easy to keep track of where you’ve been, and where you’re going, with a travel log. Becky from @painted_illustrated created an outline of the United States in her Bullet Journal, and then colors in each state as she visits it:

Entertain The Kids
Hitting the road and need a way to keep the kids entertained? Why not create a few road trip activities for them to do, and then as they fill out each page, it becomes a fun way to remember the trip:

Create Your Own Keepsake
In our post 6 Unique Travel Souvenirs To Remember Your Experience, we talked about collecting postcards as an alternative to yet another forgettable tchotchke, but another great way to remember your travels is to collect little mementos along the way (tickets, stickers, guidebook pages, menus, leaf pressings, etc.) and then incorporate them into a travel diary, along with drawings of what you’ve seen and done, and descriptions of things you want to remember:

What You Need To Get Started
Since you only need a journal and something to write with, it’s pretty easy to get started with Bullet Journaling, but if you want to turn your Travel Bullet Journal into a keepsake that will last, you’ll want to pick up some quality materials. Thankfully you don’t need to spend a lot to get a lot, as you can get started with a Dotted Moleskine Notebook and a set of Colorful Journal Pens and you’ll have everything you need to make an amazing Travel Bullet Journal:

Just remember to look online for inspiration, make it your own, and then have fun! The goal is to make the most of your travels, so a Bullet Journal should be a fun addition to your trip, not a burden that you try to avoid.

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