New Year’s Resolutions – Travel

New Year's Resolutions - Travel

For many people, a new year means new goals, and those goals often include traveling to new places. If you’re thinking about traveling this coming year, here are a few New Year’s Resolutions that we recommend:

“I will use my vacation days!”
Did you know that American workers let more than 700 MILLION vacation days go unused every year, according to a study by GfK-Oxford Economics? Not taking time off probably means that your work-life balance is off, and it’s time to re-prioritize! Pick out some times that you want to take a break, put them on the calendar, and then request those days off early! Then you have something to look forward to, and you can make sure everything’s taken care of at work so you can be stress-free while you’re away.

“I will start planning early!”
Sure, there are plenty of ‘last-minute deals’ that can save you some money when you travel, but why risk it? Instead of procrastinating, start planning your next trip early, and it will give you a chance to track prices and jump on any deals that pop up. Planning well ahead of time also means that you can make sure to snag reservations at hard-to-get-into restaurants, your must-see shows won’t be sold out, and you won’t be stressing about how much the trip is going to cost, since you’ll already have everything booked.

(Ready to start planning your next trip? Give us a call and find out about all of the great trips that we have planned for this coming year: (828) 595-9691)

“I will be more spontaneous!”
While it’s great to have a plan, if your schedule is too strict, it can prevent you from the joys of unplanned adventure. It’s fine to have a to-do list with some places that you just have to see, but make sure to leave yourself time to just get out and explore, since you never know what you might find, and those unplanned times are often when the best travel stories happen. Alternatively, like we highlighted in our post about 2019’s Top Travel Trends with Bite-Sized Travel, you can find a fun-looking place to stay that’s close to where you live, and just spend a weekend relaxing somewhere fun. Not every trip needs to be to somewhere far away, and there are unique accommodations that are worth a trip just to try out that different lifestyle for a while.

“I find one of the biggest killers of fun while traveling is forcing yourself to adhere to a strict daily schedule.”
– Kayla Matthews, Productivity and Technology Expert

“I will explore America!”
You might be jealous of your jet-setting friends who always seem to be posting pics from some new country in a far off land, but don’t forget that the U.S.A. is FILLED with amazing places to visit, from big bustling cities and charming little towns to tranquil forests and breathtaking beaches. As road trip experts, we can tell you that it’s amazing how much you can see in a day when you hit the road and travel this great country of ours. Plus domestic travel means you don’t have to worry about passports, jet lag, or learning a new language, and you’ll be supporting the economies of your fellow Americans.

“I will go solo!”
It’s fun to travel with friends and family, but you can learn a lot about yourself when you get out of your comfort zone and travel solo as well. Traveling solo means you can set your own priorities and relax and recharge on your own schedule, and it also makes planning easier since you don’t have to manage multiple calendars. Just because you’re traveling solo doesn’t mean you’ll be traveling alone however, as many solo travelers love how they meet new people on their trip, and often make new friends that last a lifetime.

“I will stop overpacking!”
On your next trip, challenge yourself to pack everything you need into a small carry-on sized bag, or better yet, fit everything into a backpack you can throw over your shoulder as your explore a new destination! Yes, you will need to leave a few of those ‘just-in-case’ items at home, but you’ll probably find that you never needed them anyways, and if you really need something, you can usually find it when you get there. To get started with packing less, check out our list of 10 Travel Accessories To Make Your Next Trip A Breeze.

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