Travel Bucket List Ideas

Travel Bucket List

There are plenty of ‘Travel Bucket List’ ideas that are filled with dreamy destinations, but those usually require a specific trip just to check them off. We wanted to put together a list of ideas that you can apply to almost any trip, so that you can do a little something extra the next time you travel. Here are five bucket list ideas for how to make the most of your next vacation:

Travel Solo

The idea of traveling by yourself can be daunting, but you don’t need to plan a month-long solo journey right off the bat! Start small with a weekend trip to see if you like it, and then plan something bigger if you enjoy the experience. Traveling solo will teach you a lot of things about yourself, and get you out of your comfort zone, which can often result in some of the most unique and memorable experiences you’ll have when traveling. Plus, it’s a great chance to meet a new travel buddy along the way and share some experiences together. Best of all, you’re in complete control of the trip, so you can decide what to see, when you want to see it, what to eat, and even just decide to sleep in one day and enjoy a relaxing morning of room service. It’s all up to you!

Learn To Cook A New Cuisine

What better way to learn how to cook a new food than to take a cooking class in the place where that food was invented? Take a creole cooking class in New Orleans, toss a pizza in Chicago, or BBQ a pig in Texas. You’ll get to learn something new, eat something delicious, and share cooking stories with some of the best chefs in the country.

Go Camping (Or Glamping!)

If you’ve never spent time outdoors, then consider a tent instead of a hotel room the next time you’re visiting a new place. If you’re on a road trip, you can bring your own (Ozark Trail offers a 22 Piece Camping Combo Set with literally EVERYTHING you’d need to get started) but if you’re not sure of what to bring or how to set everything up, check out one of the many “glamping” destinations that are available, where someone else sets everything up for you (usually with gear that’s a little more posh, and a little less “roughing it”) so you can just enjoy your stay in a non-traditional environment. You might find that you enjoy the opportunity to disconnect from the world, turn off your smartphone for the weekend, and spend time enjoying the company of others around a roaring campfire.

Overcome A Fear

You’re already going to be seeing and doing new things when you travel, so why not use that opportunity to overcome a fear? Maybe you’re scared of flying, but you decide to go skydiving at your next destination. Or you’re afraid of sharks, but you plan a scuba diving class that lets you explore a beautiful reef. Or you’re afraid of heights, but the views offered at an experience like the 360 Chicago Observation Deck are too good to pass up! Either way, you’re guaranteed to have a trip you won’t soon forget, and you might find that you just needed a little push to get over your fear and try something new.

Stay In A Unique Airbnb

In our list of 2019’s Top Travel Trends we highlighted Bite-Sized Travel, where three-day weekend road trips and micro excursions are the perfect way to get away without taking a whole week of paid vacation, and unique Airbnb locations can be reason enough for a trip. A lot of people try to save money when booking a hotel if their main goal is to get out and explore, but if your goal is just to stay somewhere fun and unique, you can spend a little more to stay somewhere fun, and then spend your time enjoying your surroundings. Options include a Pirates of the Caribbean Getaway, a Tropical Tree House, an Airstream ‘Land Yacht’ In Joshua Tree, an Off-Grid Adobe Dome In The Desert, a Ritzy Tiny Home By The Lake, and more. By the end of your trip, you’ll have enough Instagram-worthy photos to fill up your feed for the next year!

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