6 Reasons To Consider A Charter Bus For Your Wedding Transportation

Wedding Transportation Charter Bus

Venue, dress, cake, and flowers might be at the top of your wedding planner to-do list, but wedding transportation is just as important if you want to make sure everyone has an amazing time (and to make sure everyone is on time!) on your big day.

A wedding bus can keep the party going all day long without worrying about your wedding party getting lost, guests getting behind the wheel after they’ve had a little too much to drink, or friends and family arriving late because they couldn’t find a place to park. When you let a company like WNC Travels handle your wedding transportation needs, you can relax, enjoy the big day, and know that a team of professionals is working hard to make sure everyone gets where they need to be, safely and on time.

If you’re planning a wedding and thinking about transportation, here are a few reasons to consider hiring a charter bus to get your guests from place to place:

Wedding Transportation Charter BusYour Guests Are Coming In From Out Of Town
Your family and friends are probably spread out all across the United States, and if you invite them to your wedding, they’re going to have to rent a car, navigate an unfamiliar city, find and pay for parking, and stress out over their own transportation needs. Instead of causing them extra headache, just rent a charter coach to transport everyone to and from the wedding. Not only does this give you peace of mind that your guests are safe, looked after, and not lost, but it shows them that you really appreciate their attendance at your wedding, and went the extra mile to look out for their needs.

Your Wedding Party Has A Lot Of People
You’re putting together the list of close friends and family that you want included in the wedding party, and suddenly you realize that coordinating a dozen or more people to photoshoots, makeup and hair appointments, champaign brunches, and celebration dinners is a tough task! Having a lot of people in your wedding party can be fun, but it can also be a hassle if you have to coordinate the travel of a big group. How are you going to get everyone where they need to go, on time, and safely? Answer: Hire a charter bus! By letting a charter bus company handle your wedding party transportation, you can surround yourselves with the people who matter most, while you focus on having a good time and leaving the driving, and the logistics, to a professional.

Your Ceremony and Reception Are In Two Different Locations
Many brides have the perfect location picked out for their wedding ceremony, and another perfect location for their wedding reception, but having two different locations can cause issues when guests have to find ways to get from one location to another without getting lost, tired, or annoyed along the way. Save everyone the drive, and keep the party going by transporting everyone together in a chartered wedding bus. It’s convenient for your guests and it allows you to plan events in locations that don’t have a lot of parking or clear directions.

You Want Everyone To Arrive On Time
The last thing you want on your big day is a huge delay while guests try to navigate confusing GPS directions, find parking, work their way around road construction, or deal with unexpected car troubles. Imagine having to wait while someone runs out to fix grandpa’s flat tire! To make sure everyone arrives on time, hire a charter bus for your wedding and rest easy knowing that all of your guests will arrive together, ready to start celebrating.

You Want To Keep The Party Going
Weddings are a time for celebration, but nothing kills the mood like having to put everyone in separate cars and making them find their way from one location to the next. When you rent a bus for your wedding, you can keep the drinks flowing, the music bumping, and the party going while everyone gets safely to the next destination. The maid of honor and best man can stand up and tell funny stories about the bride and groom, parents can share their excitement with friends and family, and guests can mix and mingle with one another while they celebrate your union.

You Want To Make Sure Everyone Gets Home Safely
If you’re going to serve alcohol at your wedding, you may run into problems if some guests celebrate your wedding a little more than they should. Rather than worrying about who’s getting into a car and trying to drive themselves home, hire a charter bus company and let them take care of the driving for you. Guests are free to celebrate as much as they want, and the party can continue on the bus while everyone heads back together to the hotel or the next venue.

Planning A Wedding In North Carolina?
If you’re planning a wedding in the North Carolina area, at one of the beautiful venues in Asheville like the Biltmore Estate or the Omni Grove Park Inn, or at one of the amazing locations sprinkled throughout Western North Carolina, then give WNC Travels a call and let us handle all of your wedding transportation needs. We work with weddings of all sizes, and our experienced team will make sure no detail is overlooked.

We serve all of Western North Carolina and the surrounding areas, including weddings in Asheville, Charlotte, Raleigh, Greenville, Winston-Salem, Greensboro, Knoxville, Weaverville, Hot Springs, Candler, Waynesville, and Hendersonville.

For more information, visit our Wedding Transportation page, or give us a call at: (828) 595-9691

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